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  • Life is a Gif

    The short message here is that in life we will have situations that keep replaying in our minds. Good, bad, hurtful, exciting, sad, painful...they will be replayed. The good thing is that you can choose which clips to replay. I encourage you to choose ones that lift your spirits. If you choose the ones that aren't so grand...replay them once...look deep...and keep pushing.
  • The Parts of the Journey We Don't Talk About...

    he day you got hit in the face with the red kickball...it hurt, but the pain didn't stay. 

    Your first break up...again it hurt...but the pain didn't stay.

    Hence the title of the Blogpost today...

    Do you ever talk about the part of the journey on the other side of the pain? Not when everything is better or what you may feel like as perfect....but just on the other side of the pain...when you start to feel better.

  • These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

    It's almost holiday season. Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays. I was thinking about some of my favorite things as I was giggling sooooo hard last night about something a cousin posted on social media. Whew...I find peace in some of my favorite things. 
  • #TuesdayThoughts

    Some think of Tuesday as a second Monday. 

    Some are completely elated as it Taco Tuesday.

    Me...I think I'm a little bit in between. So in my betweenness I think I'm going to try something new this Tuesday. 

  • Stuck!

    I had to stick my head under the couch to find the vacuuming robot.

    My darlin' husband purchased a vacuuming robot and I could not understand the purpose of the purchase or wait...maybe I should say would not.

  • Cartoon Messages for Adults

    Check out these kids movies guys. They have some really cool messages in them. Let me know about some other movies that you come across.

  • In Honor of My Mother's Survivor Status..

     remember my mom calling me so that I could say good-bye. It was the saddest see you later that I've ever experienced...


    There weren't many words spoken about cancer, it's impact, or many other conversations after her passing until my mom told me that she felt a lump.

  • The Secret Life of Kids

    As I move into a brand new week, I'm going to make a conscience effort to pay attention to the very habits and behaviors that my children will see in me, because they are watching.
  • 45 years of marriage!

    As it turns out my parents have been married a whopping 45 years (come this Saturday). Over the years, I've taken notice of many things about their relationship. 
  • Gratitude Journal

    I began this year with a brand new journal that I purchased as a Christmas gift to myself. The journal has a simple, yet positive affirmation on the front...

    think positive & positive things will happen. I picked this particular journal because I am a true believe in positivity...I have also believed in being busy, having anxious thoughts, making things more efficient and a ton of other things that have robbed me of precious time. This year, I vow to live a bit simpler by just being.

    Being me.

    Being okay.

    Being thankful.

    Being grateful.

  • Throwback Thursday....Best Recipe Ever

    While I'm not the originator of the recipe, trust and believe that I put some serious stank on it. The pairing of the sweetiness (it's my new word okay) and tartiness of the blackberries and peaches mixed with a little sweet bread and buttery crispiness. Wooooooooo!
  • Happy Old Year...

    It seems like everyone is already saying, Happy New Year as they should, but there are some things in 2018 that I'd like to say goodbye to.