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The hunt for the perfect tee 2020

When it comes to customizing, there are so many types of t-shirts! (V-neck, classic style, soft classic style, fitted, semi-fitted)

When you come to me for the tee this year, we will definitely discuss t-shirt options. Those options will start with a very soft tee or your standard family reunion style tee.

Ladies are you in need of a women's cut or classic unisex with a little give? The Bella Canvas brand is not favorable to everyone, but I do offer a women's cut Bella Canvas if you ask for it. It's very slimming in the belly area. This year, I will offer the women's fitted and women's semi fitted tees. 

My main goal this year is to get everyone in their perfect cut tee!

Getting you in the right tee is my goal when we customize. 

If you are interested in getting a t-shirt customized, start here with the online form

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