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T-Shirt of the Month 2020

Can you believe 2020 is almost here?

I keep thinking about how how 2020 has a lot to do with clear vision. Some may even believe that this year will cause them to have a clearer vision on things...I am one of those people. 

As I worked on a financial homework assignment last night, I wrote down monthly expenses just to get a clear view on a goal that I have in mind. Moving into the new year, I have a weekly goal and a monthly sales goal. 

One goal is to provide my Tees by Tahquetta customers with a t-shirt of the month special. All t-shirt orders must be finalized by the 3rd of each month.

All tees will ship by the 6th.

The first month's design is posted on my website. www.teesbytahquetta.com

As I transition my website for the new year, this design is the only one available at this time. 

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