I didn't even watch the NFL half-time show, but I learned new... - TeesbyTahquetta

I didn't even watch the NFL half-time show, but I learned new...

Disclaimer: This blogpost is not about the controversial half-time show. 

I didn't even watch the NFL half-time show, but I learned something new.

On a family member's Facebook page a young lady posted the difference between a fitness pole and a different type of pole....

FITNESS! I screamed to myself and thought hmmm...I'd never thought about it that way. A while back I saw Jennifer Lopez training in her home for a role and she was using a fitness pole. The fitness trainer discussed Jennifer Lopez's physique and noted how strong she was. Jennifer Lopez spoke candidly about how difficult it was....how it pushed her to her limits and she had to ease into certain exercise. This got me to thinking on different aspects of my life. (Motherhood, business, friendship)

As a mom, I am making it a point to look at some things differently this week and forever. This may be difficult or it may be easy, but I'm in it for the long haul.

As a wife, I heard my husband speak something and no matter how I felt about it, I let it go. I heard him much louder than I've ever heard him before. He wasn't yelling, but he spoke in a very clear, yet distinct voice that I was different. (Hmmm...I hadn't even thought about it like that)

In business I had a goal the other day to sell a certain # of t-shirts at a certain price by a certain time. I didn't make my goal, but I'd been encouraged a while back to reach out to people in a different way. I sent a text to a few people and let them know that if they sent me their size that I could either send a checkout link or send them there order within seconds if they told me what they wanted. I received 17 orders this way. Hmmmm....who knew.

If you'd made it this far, I encourage you again to think about some things differently this week. If you care to share, leave a comment after reading this. We are in this together.

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