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Would you believe me...

if I told you that I'm finally getting my locs installed like right now?

No, but like literally right now.

My loctician, Krystal, is installing the back row like...yeah okay I think you get it and the front is already done by the way. 

We are on Day 4 of the process. I have several inches of hair. The process has been just what a process is supposed to be...a process.

Nothing easy, but everything worth it.

You see my daughter has the same length hair and thickness of mine. Having to do two heads of hair or pay someone to do two heads of hair per month has been quite the feat. Take me out the running sis and loc this hair up baby. I said, TAKE ME OUT OF THE RUNNING! 

This hair process has taught me these things...

  • sometimes it may take longer than you think
  • patience is everything
  • sometimes your push through needs a second wind
  • when you are headed in the right direction...just keep going
  • the lesson is often in the experience
  • a new connection will reignite your spirit no matter where you are in the process 

Ya'll...this has truly been an experience about waiting, what time can teach you if you let it, and true patience in the right direction.

Let me know if you have any questions about this hair for me. I'm gonna tag my loctitian...she will be happy to answer your questions this weekend. She is still working and working hard I might add.

Also, you have a few hours left to enter to win a brand new hoodie. 



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