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Tuesday Night Thank You

Tonight I looked through my Therabox and chose one of the self care cards that reads...find 1 person in your life to show immense appreciate and gratitude towards. 

There's this thing in our brain called mirror neurons. (#sciencestuffoooo) It's function is to mirror the other person's feelings/thoughts/actions.

So I'm hoping that this blog will add some joy to this person, I'd like to say a big thank you to my darling, mother.

She calls to harass me on a daily basis. 

She continues to be encouraging even if she knows I'm frustrated.

She tells me like it is whether I want to hear it or not.

She uses phrases that she doesn't have to say just because she's my mom.

She often tells me how much she appreciates me and how proud of me she is.

She tells me when she thinks I've done "an amazing job" with something. 

She listens to my heart when my thoughts just haven't caught up.

She lets me know that she's praying for me.

She thinks I'm a good mom.

I'm very thankful for her. She's one of my favorite people ever.

Thank you mom!


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