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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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It's almost holiday season. Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays. I was thinking about some of my favorite things as I was giggling sooooo hard last night about something a cousin posted on social media. Whew...I find peace in some of my favorite things. 

1. Raindrops on roses

2. Whiskers on kittens (Sorry whispers) You know that you thought that too.

3. Laughing & giggling as hard as I can

4. Plexus

5. The smell of a dryer outside of a's more distinct outside

6. A brand new newspaper

7. Candles

8. Brussel sprouts

9. Journaling with my girl 

10. That blessed Irobot

11. Designing

12. Taking my creativity to the absolute max

Add your favorite things to the list today...Make sure you respond in the comments.

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