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The Gifts I Didn't Give

Christmas 2018...

This year I'm doing something very different for Christmas. I normally hang with family...usually at my mom's house with the kids and the husboo is at work. Like I said...normally. However, this year is very different and we are in Florida and we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom for Christmas Eve. I still don't think I can fathom the excitement, joy, amazement, shock of it all. My husband planned the trip and told me a few days before we were set to leave. As a middle school teacher, my break starts on December 21st and that meant completing orders up until the 9th hour...hours before we were set to leave. This massive rush meant that I didn't have quite enough time to give my immediate family their gifts before I left.

The Gifts

I'd decided around November that I was going to give gifts that were made/created by me so here is my list.

CJ-A customized long-sleeve shirt (Father, brother, son, leader)

Laikhe-A customized makeup bag

Mom-customized undies (snickers...she's going to really get me on this one)

Dad-A mug with one of his favorite sayings. You can find it here if you'd like one.

Cheronda-A personalized makeup bag

Alijah-A t-shirt fit for an artist 

Aiyana-I can't even decide...maybe something with her brother's face on it. I know just how much she'd love that.

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