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I entitled this blogpost stuck, partly because of the contest where I asked everyone to guess why my head was stuck under the couch at 11:00 pm one night. 

I had to stick my head under the couch to find the vacuuming robot.

My darlin' husband purchased a vacuuming robot and I could not understand the purpose of the purchase or wait...maybe I should say would not. He will probably tell you that this has been a recurring thing in our marriage. I had a slight attitude about the robot and even wanted to sweep anyways one day. I know I know...self-sabatoging right? So I made a conscious effort to get over myself and allow the new daily routine into my life without griping, because I believe now that he bought it for our home and my good. Something to release stress and simply because downstairs gets soooo dirty. Ahhhhh, when I decided to release...I increased my peace.

I hope this will encourage you to do the same. No matter the something this week to release for peace. I feel a t-shirt idea coming on.

In other news...

I mainly customize t-shirts and gear. I've gotten very few sales through my website from my pre-printed tees so in the next few days I will be scaling back on pre-printed t-shirts from my website until the traffic picks back up. I'm going to start with a collection of women's tees only and continue to work on personalized customizations. If you need something customized, click on this link and bookmark it for later.

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