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I'm very much into subscriptions and am signed up for about 4.

One for each kid, and two for me.

Black Butterfly Beautiful for my girl (currently paused), Brick Loot for my guy (currently paused), My TheraBox & Ipsy for me.

I have to give a little shoutout to My TheraBox...I get goodies in that box every month that I order. Just tonight I pulled out some essential oils that smell absolutely divine. WITHOUT CONTRAST is the name of the essential oils. The box  reads...100% all natural ingredients enriched with Vitamin E....

Awwww, I wanna be enriched too :-)

Don't you wanna be enriched?

How about this though....Soothing, balancing and promotes relaxation while Amethyst stones boosts healing powers and chakra balancing.

I don't know a thing about chakra balancing...but this oil on my wrist smells soooooo good right now!

I have to tell you about the self-care cards that I received. First off all they are printed on lovely cards and shiny like I like, but the cards have self-care tips and instructions. :-) Yes!!! There was also a 30 days of self-care card that you can write down what you are doing daily.

I am absolutely sharing my referral link with you. You need this box in your life.

Check it out ya'll. I beg of you to check it out for yourself.


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