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Life is a Gif

I did NOT leave the T off.

Your life is a gif. So now that I've said it twice and you are thinking of your favorite one....Go ahead and post it to FB and tell me why. I wanted you to know this because you can actually make a gif of an experience. 

Just last week, something surprised me and I immediately thought of it in gif form. I now use the gif over and over for different situations...

My Gif to You

The short message here is that in life we will have situations that keep replaying in our minds. Good, bad, hurtful, exciting, sad, painful...they will be replayed. The good thing is that you can choose which clips to replay. I encourage you to choose ones that lift your spirits. If you choose the ones that aren't so grand anyway...replay them once...look deep...and keep pushing.

This is gonna be fun. 

I'm also posting the link where you can make your own.

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