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In Honor of My Mother's Survivor Status..

You know I didn't think much about diseases growing up. Either my parents kept things away from me or I just didn't see much of an impact that diseases had on families.

I don't remember seeing many family members sick except an uncle or my grandfather some...but in my adult life, I lost an aunt to cancer.

To see my mother and her sisters heartbroken and grief stricken was just a sad time. My mom's baby sister. The youngest. My Aunt Alice. I still remember being sick...a double ear infection and temporary hearing loss at my aunt's funeral. 

I remember my mom calling me so that I could say good-bye. It was the saddest see you later that I've ever experienced...


There weren't many words spoken about cancer, it's impact, or many other conversations after her passing until my mom told me that she felt a lump.

True to my happy go lucky nature...I said, "well just go get it checked out" and sure enough it was cancer...breast cancer.

I remember the sites and the sounds from her diagnosis to her surgery to have the cancer removed along with her breast. Family came in support of her and we ended up seeing more friends and family while she was in recovery...

Disclaimer...this was written 4 years ago and I consistently didn't make money...I actually lost money. ------>So this year in honor of my mother's survival status, I have designed t-shirts and bags. I'll be making a donation from all sales to a charity of my mother's choosing as well as making a personal donation to a Facebook follower. (I'll write more about the Facebook follower later. She has no idea who she is.) She's in my thoughts and prayers and I believe it's what I'm supposed to do. Follow the link to view the products and purchase if you desire. 

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