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Cartoon Messages for Adults

Fun Fact you may not have known about me...I. LOVE. CARTOONS.

My absolute favorite cartoon of all time is Scooby Doo. I really couldn't get into A Pup named Scooby Doo though. 

My point for telling you this is that you can learn so many lessons from cartoons. I wanted to share my most recent experiences with cartoon messages for adults. The first cartoon message for me was from the movie, The Croods.

A prehistoric family on a journey to unknown territory. The video clip below is titled, A Tearful GoodbyeSpoiler alert....The dad had to use an unconventional method to get his family to safety. My message here was that most times getting to a new place in life, your career, your marriage, a friendship, a business are going to have to take unconventional methods. Some of those methods won't even look feasible to others. They aren't supposed to because they are YOUR methods. Take them anyways. 

Often times in my teaching career, I would seek out "that" child. The one that many people including adults tried to steer clear of. Those children often gravitated towards me also. I promised myself when I began teaching that I would treat those kids exactly how they wanted to be seen and that's something I found out only simply by asking. I appreciate your unconventional methods for others.

The second movie message for me was from Gnomeo & Juliette...There was a part in the movie where Gnomeo & Juliette had an argument and he felt that there was something more important to her than him.

In relationships and friends, I saw where this miscommunication could have torn them apart. The video clip shows how they had to work as a team and it was evident that although they were good at it...they needed some work. It wasn't until she thought that she'd lost him that she was able to see what he really meant to her. I think Gnomeo was able to see somethings as well. I think it is so important as couples to really see each other. You can't see who the other person really is if you are only looking at faults or what the other person isn't doing. (Precisely what was going on with their relationship) I encourage you to watch the entire is a short clip of the beginning stages of them getting agitated with each other.

Check out these kids movies guys. They have some really cool messages in them. Let me know about some other movies that you come across.

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