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45 years of marriage!

As it turns out my parents have been married a whopping 45 years (come this Saturday).

Over the years, I've taken notice of many things about their relationship. My mother always speaks so highly of my dad and even if she's upset with him...she will not stay mad for long. They always laugh and giggle and are the flirtiest folks I've seen in a long time. Flirtiest now doesn't even seem like a word, but oh well. These cats are really good friends. 

One of my favorite pastimes is of them talking at night. I'm not sure if they set a schedule, but they made time to talk to each other. They tell each other like it is and I've seen a different side of them when we've dealt with grief or loss. 

They are the epitome of what it means to become one. They've taught me so much about love and friendship and just having your spouse's back. 

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.

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