Start Your Own T-Shirt Shop: Business Class

This 4-Week course is a self-paced course with weekly live sessions. Each live session and weekly work will give you the ins and outs of starting your own t-shirt shop. After the course you have the option of venturing out on your own or having your store built by yours truly.

Review the flyer.

Peruse through the course overview.

Decide now if you accept the challenge or if you are going to continue to play around with what you've wanted to do for so long.

What is Included?

You may have hit the jackpot here and you don't even realize it. This course comes with a box of t-shirts, designs, and an e-book.

Why Join the Class?

It starts with one t-shirt design.

When does this class begin?

All the details are here...

but where are you and why haven't you signed up yet?

This is the first and last time that this class will be at this price.

Oh, I want this!