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The Parts of the Journey We Don't Talk About...

...the painful stage.

Uggghhhhh, those three words make me shiver in my boots...oh and it's cold in Texas today.

...THE PAINFUL STAGE! See I screamed it that time and yet I still remember the pain. I won't forget the pain. When it came to my natural hair journey, the pain didn't even come first.

I remember being super excited that I was doing the big chop. I had taken my braids out and Taneka Newkirk was ready sweetie. I even kept my red jacket on for the appointment so when I walked out I'd be ready and I was. I wore earrings, because I knew it would be really short. I sent a picture to a few friends and they commented with either "cute, dope, or that's beautiful." I got home and my husband liked it too. I forgot what the kids said, but I started to feel the air let of my fancy little red balloon. I didn't go to bed thinking what have I done, but was thinking about what others would say. 

Middle schoolers are brutal. Although most didn't notice, one student let me know something mean that another student said. I brushed it off, but it was hurtful...that pain lingers with you, but I've found that it doesn't stay.

The day you got hit in the face with the red hurt, but the pain didn't stay. 

Your first break up...again it hurt...but the pain didn't stay.

Hence the title of the Blogpost today...

Do you ever talk about the part of the journey on the other side of the pain? Not when everything is better or what you may feel like as perfect....but just on the other side of the pain...when you start to feel better.

I'm reminded of the day of Mariya's birth. Quick back story...I was on bedrest preparing to head home at 32 weeks and my water broke. I was also still cockeyed and still seeing double. Yeah...all of that. But that day something shifted in my eye sight and it started to get better....There is nothing like the beginning stages of seeing something start to get better. The beginning stages of the fruits of your labor...The start of profit after being in business for years. The start of better in your marriage...or the slight turn around that you begin to see in a bleak situation...Don't ever forget about that part of the journey...and talk about it. 

Journal about it...

The part on the way to the other side of the pain....must be talked about. 

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Guuuuurl! I needed to read this today! I thank God ❤️! Thank you!


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